The Solution

Larimer County is taking a bold stand to ensure that our community members have access to critically needed behavioral health resources and services. The County’s objective: to facilitate quality behavioral health care to meet the needs of residents, at the right level of care, at the right time, and at the right cost.

The Larimer County Community Master Plan for Behavioral Health: Changing the Paradigm, lays out a strategic plan to positively impact our community’s behavioral health with a 20-year investment in our community. This effort is not about growing County government. Instead, through a thoughtful and participatory process, Larimer County will facilitate the implementation of a strategic blueprint to invest in our citizen’s health and the health of our County.

The plan follows a three-pronged approach:

  1. Expand and enrich local behavioral health services across the County (Distributive Services)

  2. Facilitate connections between community-based services with services/providers in a centralized facility providing a stronger care coordination system and building transition bridges across providers and services in and outside of the facility (Distributive and In-Facility Services)

  3. Build a regional behavioral health facility to provide coordinated care and crisis services (Facility Services)

Within these three approaches, a variety of programs, services, and activities could be funded that will further our goals in the areas of Promotion, Prevention, Treatment, Recovery, Health and Wellness Maintenance, and Support Services. In addition to outlining the steps above, a significant foundation has been laid for other aspects of the plan:

  • The Larimer County Board of County Commissioners earmarked land at the intersection of South Taft Hill Road and Trilby Road for a new behavioral health facility

  • A five-year estimated budget has been compiled by the Larimer County Offices of Finance and Budget utilizing significant data gathered through and by Larimer County, the Mental Health and Substance Use Alliance, and the NIATx Foundation

  • A resolution describing a proposal for the imposition of a 0.25% County-wide sales and use tax for the purpose of providing mental health care services for residents of Larimer County was referred to the November 2018 ballot by the Larimer County Board of Commissioners in July 2018. Moving forward with these plans hinges on voter’s approval of this new, long-term (20 year) dedicated behavioral health funding stream.

This master plan makes sense for Larimer County residents. Voting YES on this ballot initiative is imperative to our community's future.

The Dollars and Sense of It

  • This is a smart investment to make

  • Compared to what we are currently paying to put people in the wrong levels of care, this is a much more economic option with proven outcomes, better than we are currently getting.

  • Larimer County’s investment in our community’s long-term health and wellness is a smart solution.

  • There is a tremendous and growing cost to our community if we don’t address these issues now.

  • The return on investment is estimated to be between $7-$12 for every $1 spent on treatment

  • We can reduce local medical care and criminal justice costs which we all pay, by lowering repeat admissions to the most expensive levels of care.

  • This solution will help build a strong local economy by linking people in need with coordinated care, housing, job training and employment services.

More Supporting facts

  • The increasing and inadequate demand for behavioral health care has reached a critical level for our residents, our economy, our quality of life. The need for quality behavioral health solutions is real.

  • Every year, 1 in 5 residents in Larimer County struggles with mental illness. This equates to approximately 75,000 people of all ages and from communities across the County.

  • Local providers work passionately every day. Yet, too many residents go without access to the care and treatment they need.

  • Larimer County residents deserve access to quality health & MENTAL health care.

  • Larimer County is uniquely positioned to facilitate a regional solution partnering with service providers and community leaders.

  • Larimer County is dedicated to addressing the communities’ priorities for behavioral health care services.

  • From Estes Park to Berthoud, from Wellington to Loveland, from Fort Collins to Red Feather, our goal is to facilitate quality mental health care to meet the needs of our residents, at the right level, the right time, and at the right cost.

  • The groundwork for a local solution has been a long time in the making.

  • Our work has been informed by national experts and Influenced by local professionals.

  • We have a data-driven set of recommendations that identifies gaps in the range and depth of mental health services in our community.

  • The solution will require a dedicated funding stream, and is 3-pronged

    • Expanded & enriched local behavioral health services across the County. Build on what already exists.

    • Coordinated care from Crisis Services to community services

    • And, a regional behavioral health facility that provides detox, crises care and residential treatment to fill in the missing gaps.

  • A Community Master Plan for Behavioral Health Services has been developed to outline the history of this project, the intentions of this project and the most economic and effective ways to address the demand for behavioral health services and treatment.

  • Our goal is to create a well-coordinated, well-funded continuum of mental health and substance abuse services—to provide our residents with the quality of care they deserve.

Vote YES and confirm for yourself, your family and your neighbors: