September 19, 2018

Fort Collins endorses proposed tax to fund mental health, addiction services

The Fort Collins City Council gave its unequivocal support Tuesday to Larimer County's proposed sales tax to support behavioral health services. Read Full Article



September 18, 2018

I like numbers; they help me make sense of things. So humor me for a moment. Imagine you are at a great game or concert at the Budweiser Events...

Patrick Dillon, Loveland / Read Full Letter to the Editor



September 14, 2018

Mental health matters

What is needed is to expand and improve current behavioral health services delivered locally throughout the County. Unlike a similar past initiative on the same topic, advocates for this initiative actively engaged with and sought solutions from local mental health professionals and residents. Read Full Article



September 1, 2018

Here's how a proposed facility could help Larimer residents struggling with mental health

The fate of a ballot measure to fund a county mental and behavioral health facility will soon be in the hands of voters, and Larimer County has released a master plan for the facility. Read Full Article



august 7, 2018

Mental and physical illnesses come to individuals uninvited. Once arrived, family and community share the burden, the joys, the triumphs, the sorrows. Be a part of the solution. It will do you good in more ways than you know now.

Rosemary Moore, Loveland / Read Full Letter to the Editor



July 26, 2018

From years of research, discovery and input from the community, the Commissioners have determined that pursuing long term dedicated funding to improve the continuum of behavioral healthcare in our community is a priority issue.

Laurie Stolen, Behavioral Health Project Director, Larimer County / Read Full Article



July 24, 2018

As commenter after commenter took the microphone, continuous pleas were made for the commissioners to allow voters to reconsider a ballot initiative they said was vital to the community — a tax to fund a new mental and behavioral health facility.

Saja Hindi, Staff Writer, The Coloradoan / Read Full Article



may 2018

We are a small community and personally, I've been touched by this as mayor. I receive phone calls as mayor from community members that are struggling and we see people that fall through the cracks in Estes Park. That's not okay. If we're going to make changes here, we need to all start talking about it and get rid of some of the stigma attached to [mental illness].

Todd Jersa, Mayor of Estes Park



may 2018

[Timnath] is already named one of the best communities to live in in the country, and that’s not going to change. There’s lots of quality reasons why people want to move here. But if we don’t do something now, the [mental health] issue is only going to get bigger, and it's only going to be something that is harder and harder to solve for. Simply because of numbers. 

Jill Grossman-Belisle, Mayor of Timnath



may 2018

There seems to be a stigma, not on the part of the people with the problem, but on the part of the people who should be recommending that they get help. Because, for some reason, no one wants to be the person to rat somebody out and [they feel] like it’s something inappropriate. Not only is it appropriate, but, it’s something that would be appreciated in the long run by not only by the people that they’re referring, but also everybody else that’s going to suffer the consequences.

Steve Mulvihill, Former Mayor of Berthoud



May 2018

You know, [mental illness] is a topic we don't like to discuss. We don’t like to discuss that there’s something wrong with somebody's mind. So, we'll treat their stubbed toe, we'll treat their cancer, but we won't treat what's affecting their behavior and everybody's lives around them. That just doesn't make any sense to me. 

Jacki Marsh, Mayor of Loveland